Luke and Lily


When you visit us, you are likely to find one of our clinic cats roaming around. Luke was found injured by Animal Control. As we healed him, we informed them that we would keep him since the staff just fell in love! Luke truly owns the front and he will likely be there waiting with Patrick to greet you in the mornings! If he's not curled up on a warm, sunny bench, he might be creating his own chaos in the back, checking on boarders, or digging through trash bins. He does enjoy lots of love from the staff and clients alike here!

Lily is more subdued and shy. She was abandoned here by a previous owner. It takes her a while to get to know you, but then you'll see her affectionate personality! Often you'll find Lily looking out the front windows to chase leaves or just soak up the sunshine. Her latest hobby is making newspaper caves at night.

  • Dr
    Bryan Welty
    Veterinarian / Owner

    Dr. Welty was born in Nebraska but raised in Wyoming. He always knew that he wanted to help people and their pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives, so he entered the field of veterinary medicine. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1985. He practiced in several other cities before returning to Nebraska where he met Dr. Ebers at Capitol Animal Clinic. Dr. Ebers wanted to retire so Dr. Welty took over the practice in 1998. Since then, he has enjoyed helping the pets and the people in the Lincoln community. Dr. Welty enjoys getting new state-of-the-art equipment for the clinic and keeping up on local animal events. He also has an interest in exotic animal medicine. Dr. Welty and his wife, Mary, have two children who are growing up so quickly! They are both involved in many school and church functions. Their three dogs, Morgan, Beni, and Lexi, spend most of their day fuzzing up the house and hoping to take a car ride! Dr. Welty's four cats also are a source of constant entertainment. When they are not busy running the practice together, Dr. Welty and his wife enjoy gardening and trying to keep up with their kids' many activities.

  • Dr
    Linda Hall-Jacobson
    Veterinarian / Associate

    Dr. Hall-Jacobson's love of animals manifested in her childhood. She would find strays and try to find their homes or get them a new home. Dr. Hall-Jacobson first became a nurse in human medicine, and then she wanted to have a career directly involved with animals, so she married her two passions in veterinary medicine. She completed her education at Tufts University in Massachusetts in 1985. After practicing in California, she then returned to Nebraska in 2002. Dr. Hall-Jacobson has a special interest in natural remedies and has a certification in animal acupuncture. She joined the clinic as an associate veterinarian in 2010. Her husband, Pat, manages a major pet store in Omaha. She also has a daughter who lives in town. Her furry family includes Oscar and Alex, two springer spaniels whom she and her husband enjoy hunting with. They also have three cats, Anna, Edmund, and Angus. In her spare time, Dr. Hall-Jacobson enjoys gardening, remodeling their home, fishing, and travel.

  • Patrick

    Patrick was born in Germany, but moved to Omaha while still young and was raised there. He has lived in Lincoln for most of his life. He started working at the clinic in 2001. Patrick loves interacting with people and their pets. He is happy to help you schedule your appointment or just chat with you about what is going on with your pet. At home, Patrick is with his wife, Georgiane. He has five grown children and seven grandkids. When he isn't hanging out with his family, he has several hobbies to keep him busy. Patrick plays in a local band. He is very artistic and enjoys writing poetry and music.

  • Lori
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Lori grew up on a dairy farm where her love of animals began. She was drawn to working in the animal field and found a job at Capitol Animal Clinic in 1987. Lori worked her way up from the kennels until she earned her veterinary technician license in 2003. Here, she assists with all surgical procedures, maintains the lab and surgical equipment, monitors patients, pulls and runs lab work, and that's just a small list of what she does! Lori's family consists of her husband, Curtis, and their two adult daughters who live in town. She and Curtis work to maintain their own farm with several animals in their spare time. The prominent furry members of Lori's family include dogs, Red and Belle, and some farm cats. Red is getting on in years, and Belle really enjoys chasing things out in the country! Lori especially loves her brood of chickens who can't get enough popcorn!

  • Alex
    Veterinary Assistant

    Alex spent her childhood moving all over the Midwest. She has always had a strong passion for animals and grown up around horses. Joining Capitol Animal Clinic in 2016 as the kennel attendant has helped her achieve her goal of joining the veterinary field to help animals live happy lives. She has since been promoted to assitant! At home, Alex has two cats, Demetrius and Jasey. They get along great and are always finding new mischief. She likes to spend time playing guitar, horseback riding, and four-wheeling.

  • Austin P
    Veterinary Assistant

    Austin grew up in Sumner, NE on his family cattle and hog ranch. This is where he learned that he would like to make a career out of caring for animals. He is currently a pre-veterinary student at UNL and wants to work as a veterinarian in a large and small animal practice. Austin joined the clinic in 2014 as a veterinary assistant and enjoys learning the ins and outs of the small animal practice, as well as interacting with the clients and their pets! Austin has a large family and he loves going back home to help his father with the cattle. His German shepherd, Petey, enjoys coming with him to wrangle the cows. They also go on hunting and fishing trips together.

  • Austin W
    Veterinary Assistant

    Austin was born in Sydney, NE. His family owns and operates a veterinary clinic there, so he has grown up helping around the office and getting a taste of veterinary medicine. He would observe or participate in every aspect of the practice and always loved to feel like he was contributing, and making a difference in the animals’ lives. He is currently a student at UNL and plans on applying to veterinary school. Austin joined Capitol Animal Clinic’s team in 2016 to gain more experience to prepare him for the field. In his time at home, Austin has a great passion for fitness. He loves to get outdoors and play sports. In the past, he has even taught cross-fit classes!

  • Brennan
    Veterinary Assistant

    Brennan was born in Williamstown, NJ and moved to Lincoln, NE in her youth. She has always loved animals and the idea of having a career with them. After volunteering and working at clinics and shelters, she started at Capitol Animal Clinic as a veterinary assistant in 2016. Brennan most enjoys administering to the patients and helping them get better. Brennan lives with her husband, Zach and they have two dogs: Rigby and Rosie. They love to dress up their dogs and take them to the dog park! She also enjoys yoga, reading, and relaxing.

  • Kelly
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kelly was born on a small farm in Nebraska, and then she moved around a few times until coming back in 2008. She has always enjoyed working with animals and it sparked a love of science within her. Kelly joined Capitol Animal Clinic in 2008 as a veterinary assistant. In addition to helping the veterinarians and pet owners, she also does a wide variety of technical support for the clinic. Kelly has two cats, Sam and Arwen, who are always up to some kind of kitty shenanigans. In her spare time, she enjoys different art projects (check out the cat rocks by the door!). Her main hobby is constantly changing her fingernail designs and updates a regular blog with her whimsical art!

  • Laura
    Veterinary Assistant

    Laura grew up in California and then moved to Nebraska to be close to family. As a child, she was inspired by her great grandfather, who was a large animal veterinarian, to help care for animals. After studying at UNL-Curtis, she joined the veterinary field. After leaving for a short while, Laura came back to Capitol Animal Clinic in 2016. Laura lives with her husband, Jeremy, and son along with their two dogs Coco nut and Brooke. They love summer time when they can enjoy all the water sports. Coco’s favorite thing is to ride on the front of her paddle board!

  • Liz
    Veterinary Assistant

    Liz grew up in Oklahoma City. Through scouting, she was introduced to nature where she fell in love with horses. She has a degree in zoology from Oklahoma State University. Liz then obtained a degree in exotic animal training and management. She left the zoo field after 3 years of work to pursue a veterinary career and joined Capitol Animal Clinic as a veterinary assistant in 2013. Liz loves making a difference in the lives of animals both directly and by educating owners. Her husband, Jon, is a firefighter. They enjoy camping, hiking, and cooking with their young son. Tiber is their rescue dog who is generally a goofball and loves to play fetch! Zinni the cat loves snuggling up at night and keeping warm by the fireplace.

  • Sydney

    Sydney was born in Iowa City, but quickly moved to Dallas, TX where she grew up. While growing up, she helped a family friend with a pet-sitting business, which sparked her love of animals and she was inspired to help them in a more meaningful way. After moving back to Nebraska, she joined Capitol Animal Clinic in 2016 as a kennel attendant and loves making sure your pets have a happy stay! She is currently pursuing a degree in animal science. In her spare time, Sydney enjoys drawing and photography. Her new puppy, Pepper, is always keeping her on her toes with new challenges!

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