Nutrition Weight Management

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of a long and healthy life.

cat on scales

With such a multitude of pet food options available these days, deciding what to feed your pet can feel overwhelming. Our veterinary professionals here at Capitol Animal Clinic are trained to help you pick out a proper diet for your pet. If you find yourself lost and confused, or just needing a little guidance, we are happy to help you find high-quality food for your furry friend!

Our staff will get to know you and your pet’s lifestyle as we put together a complete nutrition recommendation. Factors like age, breed, and activity levels will be considered. If your pet ends up needing a specialized food to support a medical condition, we can set you up with a prescription diet here.

Let’s focus on proper weight management.

If your companion could stand to lose a few pounds, we can help with that, too! Even a little extra weight can create health problems for our pets. Obesity puts them at risk for a number of problems and diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. We will target their ideal weight range and work with you to create a customized diet and exercise plan for them to follow and get back to a healthy weight and maintain it for life.

Speak to our friendly staff to learn more about our nutrition and weight management services in Lincoln, NE. Our services are not just limited to nutrition and weight management. We also specialize in preventative care, dentistry and much more.