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" This is a wonderful place for you and your beloved pets! The staff is friendly, incredible facility, and very caring. I've been taking my pets here ever since I lived in Lincoln!

Capitol Animal Clinic is a must for pet owners! Clean, welcoming, transparent, and reassuring of my family member's care. I have no problem recommending Capital Animal Clinic, and have with no disapproval. "

Fon Loyuk

" I had to put my cat to sleep and went to Capitol Animal Clinic. I was a mess; I got this cat as a kitten and he was a great companion. They were completely respectful, giving me the time and space that I needed and took good care of my dear cat in his last moments. I'm still sobbing over my friend but I'm glad that his last moments were at a place that was so kind. "

Nathaniel Bell

" What a great clinic!!! The front desk staff is so friendly and the doctors are very knowledgeable and take wonderful care of our dogs! We switched from our clinic of 20 years and couldn’t be happier... highly recommend!!! "

Jennie Anthony

" I brought in my puppy Paisley (she’s now 11 months, but still my baby) to get spayed just about 3 weeks ago. When I got there I was pleasantly greeted by the woman behind the desk and she immediately was loving on my pup. They were SO friendly to us and took great care of Paisley during her surgery. We were lucky to get to pick her up a little earlier than planned because her surgery went so well. When we came to pick her up from surgery there were 3 people helping us and informing us of her medications, when her dosages needed to start and when they gave her medicine previously. After leaving I was so relieved that we had chosen to bring her here. I was even more thrilled when they called the day after to check on her and ALSO called the day after that to still see if she was doing well. We will definitely be bringing Paisley back to the Capital Animal Clinic for any more of our needs. "

Peyton Millard

" They are always very caring with my dog and have great access for emergency needs. They will take great care of your pets! "

Michael Zimmer

" Got in right away, vet friendly to me and Cassie. She is getting better. Have gone here for all our pets for more than 20 years. "

Shirley Haydon

" The new doc is awesome!! My pup absolutely loved Dr. French, I had never imagined he would anything more than tolerate a trip to the vet! 😉 It was like play time for him, and I was so impressed with the ease of the entire appointment. "

Brianna Kay